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We’re making updates and enhancements to our parkades
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We’re making updates and enhancements to our parkades

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the guest experience at YYC, we complete important infrastructure and maintenance projects in our parkades. As with most construction and maintenance projects of this nature, they must be completed during the warmer months to avoid inclement weather.

Construction and maintenance work may temporarily impact guests using YYC's parkades during this time. To minimize imacts to guests, staff and partners, work in the parkades is being conducted using a phased approach, with closure dates outlined in the table below. We appreciate your patience as we work to make important improvements and enhance the parking experience.

We encourage guests to book parking in advance online and leave extra time to find a spot.



Mar. 18 – June 15

P1: Level 1, 2, 3 partial closures

April 4 – Nov. 15

P1: Level 1 partial closures

End of April – June 28

P1: Central spiral ramp closed

May 1 - 9

P1: Level 7 closed

May 9 - 23

P1: Level 6 closed

May 9 – 16

P2: Level 7 closed

May 23 – June 6

P1: Level 5 closed

May 28 (evening) - 29 (morning)

P1: Short-term lot closed

June 6 - 20

P1: Level 4 closed

June 20 – July 4

P1: Level 2 closed

June 25 (evening) - 26 (morning)

P2: Short-term lot closed

July 4 – 18

P2: Level 6 closed

July 15 – Nov. 30

P1: Level 1 partial closures

July 18 – Aug. 1

P2: Level 5 closed

Aug. 1 – 15

P2: Level 4 closed

Aug. 15 – 29

P2: Level 3 closed

Aug. 29 – Sept. 12

P2: Level 2 closed


Signage will be in place to redirect guests to available parking spaces.

Maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure is an important part of a safe and secure operation. These projects include a multitude of construction activities, including replacing infrastructure, maintenance activities and improving the guest experience.

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