Friday, May 14, 2021

Group Sales


We are so happy to announce a special discount program for all members of Team YYC!  We have recently connected with Group Sales to bring all airport employees (Team YYC) local entertainment, retail and ticket discounts to you.  You can now enjoy substantial savings on many attractions, movies, and entertainment choices across Alberta and beyond!

We hope you enjoy the many special offers that Group Sales will bring you, some of which will include: Movie Tickets, Sporting Events, Live Shows, Family Events, Major Alberta Attractions and more…  

This service is now available to TEAM YYC at: To gain access to the site for the first time you will need register at the new member sign up page, using the company code (noted below). After your initial registration, the company code will no longer be necessary.  You will then use your email address and personal password (created by you when you register) to log in. 

The following information will be required when you register:  

  1. Company Code: teamyyc2012
    Note: The section asking for department/transit is not required -you may leave it blank. 
  2. Your shipping address  
  3. Your email address:  You will receive a monthly newsletter to this address.  

All you need to do is register onto the Group Sales website and place your order. Your order will then be shipped by mail directly to your selected shipping address. You will also have the option of rush shipping (charges will apply) when you need your order quickly!

Visit and register today!

Enjoy your new Team YYC discounts!