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Jocelyn Alexander
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Where do the Glasses Go?

Interfaith Services donates leftover glasses after Chapel Sale.

Whether you’ve heard about it through Team YYC, stopped by a few times yourself, or been hours early waiting in line to snag the best finds, you are probably familiar with the YYC Chapel Sale. But, have you heard about what the Chapel does with the glasses that don’t get sold?

Change for Children aims to identify the root causes of poverty and, in the spirit of solidarity, assist in finding long-term solutions. One of the ways it does this is by prescribing and dispensing eyeglasses. In remote communities in Guatemala, the Change for Children dental and optometry teams set up temporary clinics to give community members the opportunity to access healthcare.

Interfaith Services at YYC donates all the left over eyeglasses from the Chapel Sale to Change for Children to be distributed to communities in need. Thanks to Interfaith Services for supporting the fantastic work of Change for Children! Read about the organizations great work here.

Mark your calendars, the next Chapel Sale is March 21

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