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Closer parking coming soon!
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Closer parking coming soon!

Summary: As of Nov. 1, we’re excited to offer Team YYC temporary access to parking closer to the terminal until further notice.

As of Nov.1, we’re temporarily closing the Green (north and south), Orange and Red (north and south) lots, which will eliminate the need for the employee shuttle, snow clearing and seasonal maintenance on all five lots.

COVID-19 hit YYC hard so we’re aspiring to be a low-cost airport. The Authority found an innovative way to temporarily reduce costs in snow clearing while providing employees with closer parking. This Temporary Employee Parking Plan will evolve again once passenger traffic and parking volume begins to resume.

Key messages:

  • All Team YYC employees should get an email from parking@yyc.com with the parking lot they’re moving to in the next few days. If you do not receive the email, talk to your leader. If they don’t know, email parking@yyc.com.
  • Indigo parking attendants will be on-site in parking entrances during busy times for the first few days. If you can’t get into your new lot, press the intercom button to talk to an attendant and then email parking@yyc.com to get your issue resolved.
  • Employees being temporarily relocated should keep their current hangtag – no need to remove it.
  • Your RAICs will automatically be set up to provide access to the new lot you’ve been relocated to on or before Nov. 1.
  • For those who own large vehicles that won’t fit in P2 (2.3 metres or 7.5 feet), contact parking@yyc.com for alternative arrangements.
  • There are no changes to parking rates, however there is a scheduled increase of $5 per month occurring January 2021 which was previously communicated in late 2019.
  • Employees not being relocated do not need to change anything and can continue as usual.
  • Attached is a map of the parking lots including directions, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Once parking volumes resume, notice for shifts to employee parking to previous locations may occur, with less than one months’ notice. We cannot guarantee you will be relocated back to the lot you are currently located in.

We hope you enjoy this temporary perk for closer parking especially during the colder months. Stay tuned to teamyyc.com for the latest information.

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